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Feeling anxious or worried about things is something that we all feel. It’s when that feeling seems to become overwhelming that we need to talk to someone about it, right? When our own incredible innate abilities to solve life’s problems seem to be nowhere to be found. When things feel insurmountable and even the smallest of things can feel like walking on quicksand. Being able to express your worries to a great listener and asking for help is so important. Again, staying out of judgement, accepting support and letting people help is the way forward. It is a courageous thing to ask for help and it is not a weakness. It is honest and it is brave.

There is nothing wrong with you! Avoid the labels. You don’t suffer with anxiety, you feel anxious.

Maybe we can work out why and give you strategies for your tool kit! Mindfulness is a superpower for anxiety.

If I can’t help you, we can find someone that can!

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